Qmee App Review | How Does Qmee Rank Among The Best Paying Survey Sites?

December 13, 2020 Jordan Meola 0 Comments

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It’s no secret that survey sites can be a way for people to make some extra money on the side. In fact, I typically make several thousand dollars every year by filling out quick surveys in my spare time, lunch breaks, traveling, or when I’m stuck waiting in line somewhere. I’m always on the lookout for the best paying survey sites!

One survey app that has become popular recently is Qmee. I had heard some good things about Qmee, and I was looking for ways to make extra cash fast, so I decided to download it and give it a shot.

I’m a few weeks in and here’s my Qmee App Review so far!

Is The Qmee App Worth It?

YES! Barring some drastic disappointment somewhere down the road this is actually my favorite survey site or app that I’ve tried. I’ve made $40 in my first 2 weeks of using it, and that was only doing 2 to 4 surveys a day.

Here’s why I like Qmee.

  1. They tell you how long the surveys will take BEFORE you take them. Paid surveys are only worthwhile if you can make reasonable money for your time. Surveys that take a long time to complete simply aren’t worth it – there are dozens of better things you can do with your time to make more money. The point of survey apps like Qmee are to make a quick few bucks in your spare time, like when you’re riding the bus, or going to the bathroom (let’s admit it, we’re all on our phones anyway. Getting paid beats scrolling through Facebook). Knowing how long each survey takes protects you from getting stuck in a survey forever just trying to get your money.
  2. They tell you how much each survey pays BEFORE you take them. Once again, it’s way better to know what you’re getting into so that you can decide if the survey is actually worth the time. If a survey wants you to spend 20 minutes and only pays you $0.75 then it’s NOT worth your time. Knowing how much each one pays beforehand lets you only pick the best ones.
  3. Their surveys are usually quick and easy. Like a survey should be.
  4. You may occasionally be disqualified from a survey, which totally STINKS, but Qmee offers a silver lining. After being disqualified for a few surveys they’ll pay you a bonus to make it up to you.
  5. Qmee has a GOOD APP! Many survey sites are terrible on mobile, so you’re stuck doing them on your laptop. Luckily, Qmee make it easy to whip out surveys on the go.

So How Does Qmee Compare To Other Survey Sites?

I’ve talked about a few of my other favorite paid survey sites on Young Retiree before, like Pinecone Research, Product Report Card, Survey Junkie, and PaidViewpoint. They each have their pros and cons (until I tried Qmee I think that PaidViewpoint would be my best money making survey). So here’s how they compare:

Product Report CardPinecone ResearchPaidViewpointQmee
Pre-survey infoTells you length + payDoesn’t tell you length. All pay $3.Doesn’t tell you length or pay.Tells you length + pay
PayVaries. Higher. $1+ surveys often.High. $3 for every survey. Varies. Higher but very arbitrary. High referral bonus!Varies. Higher. $1+ surveys often.
Survey lengthUsually longer. 15+ minutes.10 minutes average.Varies. Usually short and easy.Usually short and sweet. Under 10 m
ReliabilityOften disqualifies BUT pays $0.10 on all disqualified surveys.Pre-screens surveys so most qualify.Pays minimum of $0.10 regardless of qualifying. Reliable.Often disqualifies but pays out a bonus if it happens several times.
Payment methodsONLY pays in Amazon credit.Pays cash through PayPal but redemption process is awkward/long.Pays cash out FAST to PayPal.Pays cash out FAST to PayPal.
Mobile FriendlinessPRC doesn’t have an app, and is awkward on mobile.Not a great app; awkward on mobile.Not a great app; awkward on mobile.Very mobile friendly. Easy to use!

While it has its share of flaws, Qmee is one of the BEST survey sites I’ve used, and by far the best app. You can easily do a few surveys a day from your phone and make an extra $50-$80 per month.

The Cons of Qmee

So does Qmee have any major downsides? The redemption process is easy, it’s mobile-friendly, it pays in cash; what’s not to like?

The main gripe that I have with Qmee … possibly the only issue I have … is that you will frequently be disqualified from surveys. It gets frustrating when you start to really waste time after being disqualified from several surveys in a row. If you’re finding it hard to qualify it’s better to take a break and try another time. Survey apps lose their value if they burn up too much time.

There are no other major cons of Qmee that I’ve found so far! It ranks among the best survey sites in terms of its pay, availability of surveys, and reliability, and the ability to use it while mobile makes it stand out from the rest.

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