How Is Kinsta? What Is Kinsta? The Internet’s Most Powerful Website Host Reviewed

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Have you heard much about Kinsta yet? There’s a pretty good chance you haven’t – the website hosting company only started out in 2013, but has started growing exponentially


I discovered Kinsta pretty recently, after researching tons of different website hosts. It’s the most powerful WordPress website hosting company on the internet.


So how is Kinsta for your website? Here’s why Kinsta may be the best WordPress host in existence…


Want To Increase Conversions? You Need A Strong, Fast, and Reliable Website


You’ll hear me point this out a lot on Young Retiree. There’s no real value to having lots of traffic if you can’t get it to convert. Yet statistically online business owners are spending only $1 for every $92 they’re spending on getting traffic! Those investments are too uneven.


Obviously getting lots of eyes on your site’s content, and having a good looking website are all important, but if your website does not run very fast, and very consistently, you will lose sales.


You can read my post on the best website hosting companies to read more about it, but essentially with the average human attention span now as low as 8 seconds (yes, that’s shorter than the attention span of a goldfish), a website that takes even a second or two to load will cost you massive amounts of sales. Every second costs approximately 16% of your customer satisfaction, page views 11%, and conversions by 7%. Yikes.


This becomes even more important when your business is large, and gets a lot of traffic. With plans through other hosting companies, like HostGator, and WP Engine, most business owners have reported issues with site speed, and worse yet… down time.


Kinsta destroys this problem. Providing a vast bandwidth, spread through a powerful and constantly managed Google Cloud platform.


is kinsta fast?


Site speeds under 4 milliseconds, a website that never goes down (ESPECIALLY during a hot sale when your blog or WooCommerce store is filled with visitors), and options to sustain even millions of monthly visitors if needed!


Kinsta itself has some great guides on site speed that you can check out here.



how is kinsta

Kinsta Is Optimized For Scaling And Growing Your Business (Without Burying You In The Tech)


The majority of business owners online, whether you’re running an affiliate marketing blog, an eCommerce store, or any other kind of income flow, wants their business to grow. Not just stay in the same place. The problem with most website hosts is that they’re not equipped for scaling!


Is yours?


kinsta is designed for scaling


Kinsta is designed by a team of WordPress experts to be scaled for you, to perfectly match the demand of your website/store. The idea of Managed Hosting is that all of the technical details of your website: updates, data backups, maintenance, plugins, search engine optimization – all of this is done FOR you by Kinsta.


This provides peace of mind.


peace of mind



And it allows you the time to focus on the things that matter most in your business – building your brand and connecting with your customers!


Migration Is Easy And Free


Is your site already nested in another website hosting company? You’re not stuck. While many website hosts will charge you to move your domain to a new host, your domain will be meticulously and thoroughly moved over to Kinsta without any charges whatsoever.


Another advantage of Kinsta is this easy transition. Scaling your business and preparing for more growth no longer requires a tedious, risky, or costly move!


Check out the details about moving to Kinsta!


join Kinsta

Secure As Fort Knox


This is the exact claim that Kinsta makes on their website. Secure as Fort Knox. For my readers outside of the United States, Fort Knox is the location where the states keep their bullion deposits stored – the level of security is impenetrable.


In addition to free SSL certificates for your sites (which is essential for SEO), Kinsta sites have powerful security measures that are actively maintained by the Kinsta team, to prevent security from ever being compromised on your site.



Top Notch Support


Kinsta has one of the best and most responsive support teams I’ve ever experienced. The only support teams I’ve contacted to match Kinsta are those of Shopify and SaleHoo.


While your website’s technical details are ultimately managed FOR you, any questions that you need answered will be addressed quickly and thoroughly.


The more you experience business online, the more you’ll see the importance of a responsive support team (or the rage quitting that will tempt you when you experience BAD support teams!)



Increasing Availability


Business owners and entrepreneurs outside of the United States will often experience frustration with the limited availability of many innovative website hosts and builders (though many of the best are based in other parts of the world, like Israel’s Wix).


Although Kinsta is a U.S. based company, it has development centers and availability spreading all over the world:


– Brazil

– Mumbai, India

– The U.K.

– The Netherlands

– Montreal province


And many other locations.



The Best Alternative To WP Engine


If you’re WordPress site is currently nested in a WP Engine hosting platform you may have heard the bad news. Not only will users be seeing a price increase this coming September for all plans, but bandwidth overage charges are doubling, there will be new bandwidth limits on top of the current visitor limits, and middle tier plans are being removed.


There could not be a better time to get out of WP Engine, and into Kinsta.


While WP Engine was valuable as the pioneer for managed WordPress sites, in the modern day it’s far inferior in every category to Kinsta.


– test trials found 12,939 errors on WP Engine sites, while the same sites on Kinsta had 7

– test trials found WP Engine sites timing out 1,061 times, while Kinsta timed out 0 times.

– in 89 competitive speed tests Kinsta outperformed WP Engine 83 times


The numbers do all of the talking. Considering the fact that the prices and features are largely similar, Kinsta is the far superior service for 2017, 2018, and beyond.


Additionally, Kinsta is developer friendly, easy to use, and intuitive.


Kinsta does not feature any shared hosting. All of its services are personalized to your site exclusively, without sharing any space with other people’s websites. Scaling is also easier than it would be with WP Engine because WP Engine is not designed to seamlessly transition a smaller site directly onto a better hosting platform. The different tiers are not similar. Kinsta, by contrast, merely upgrades the same Cloud Based platform to the next level of power, making a smoother transition.



Now Is The Time To Join Kinsta


There are different plans to suit your specific site. It is NOT necessary for a brand new site that has no traffic, and is making no money.


It IS, however, the best choice for an established business of any kind.


– Base plan is $30/month, capable of handling 20,000 visitors to your blog or WooCommerce store

– Pro plan is $60/month, capable of easily sustaining 40,000 monthly visitors

– Business 1 is $100/month, and handles 100,000 visitors

– Plans beyond this are customizable, vary in price, and are capable of handling 3 million +


You Can Try Kinsta Below!

how is kinsta


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