How Is Teelaunch for Shopify?

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All my readers who are starting up a print-on-demand t-shirt brand, important info ahead! When you’re first starting out in business, picking the RIGHT print-on-demand company will literally make or break your chance at success. Even if you have a design that has what it takes to go viral, a company that can’t keep up with the demands, or provide quality, will tarnish your reputation from the start.


I highly recommend you order a sample of any product before it’s released, but I can possibly give you a head start by advising you based on my own experience with my brand Infinite VI. I’ve used a TON of different print-on-demand companies.


So you may be wondering – how is Teelaunch for Shopify? Here’s my experience.





What Is Teelaunch?


If you’ve looked into print-on-demand, especially for Shopify, then no doubt you’ve at least heard of Printful. The print-on-demand giant is the biggest presence in the industry, and in many ways for good reason (check out my review of Printful, including pictures of my products through them).


Teelaunch is a slightly lesser known competitor of Printful, but it’s gaining popularity recently, and it’s one of the primary print-on-demand companies I use in my own business. It integrates directly with Shopify (or Etsy) – just upload files of your designs, and you can put them right onto clothes, mugs, wall art – you name it.


Like other POD companies, when you make a sale, they take their piece of the profit + standard shipping, and the rest is your profit!



Teelaunch Review


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Print Quality: Good

Clothing/Accessory Quality: Decent, but varies. Read for details.

Production Time: Industry Average

Prices: excellent (some of best in industry)



So how exactly is Teelaunch? Believe it or not, it’s the company that I use by far the most for the products in my store. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my favorite. Keep reading.


The strongest aspect of Teelaunch that you’ll want to know is that they have some of the best prices of any print-on-demand company. Better than either Printful or Printify’s prices. This allows you to set better profit margins for yourself without overcharging your customers. Additionally, while Printful charges a flat $5 for shipping on t-shirts, Teelaunch charges only $4.


So what kind of product quality will your customers be receiving through Teelaunch?… I only recommend Teelaunch for certain items.




The top products that I would recommend using Teelaunch for are regular, print-on-front T-shirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts, accent mugs (or mugs in general), and phone cases. These are products that they produce with consistently high quality, good looking prints, decent options, and the best prices.


There I am wearing the 3/4 print.




Similarly, Teelaunch prices are good for phone cases, and their prints are the best in the industry that I’ve seen.


So where is Teelaunch weak?


Do not use Teelaunch for all-over-print options. Don’t do it. It will be tempting when you see that their all-over-print options are cheaper than their competitors, but the quality for these products is not high. Although they are labeled as “all over print” the t-shirts only print in the front. And the “sweaters” that Teelaunch offers for all over prints are made 100% polyester. That’s fine for tank tops and t-shirts, but it’s extremely disappointing as a product they claim is a Christmas sweater. Polyester is not warm and cozy.


Additionally, Teelaunch’s production times cannot compete with Printful, who produces and ships 97% of products within 5 days of the order. Our Teelaunch order took almost 2 weeks.


So what are some solid alternatives?


Although they’re more expensive, we love Printful for tank tops and a few other products. Their color options, print quality, and speed are excellent. Take a look!




For all over print clothes I highly recommend Printify. Take a look below and I’ll show you why…



What’s so all-important about this picture? IT PRINTS ON THE BACK TOO! An all-over-print should always have this option.


For pillows, wall art, and phone grips (a.ka pop sockets), we use a company called Printy6. There’s one of the pillows we made with them.






By now, you’re probably picking up on the fact that I recommend using multiple companies, not just one. Your customers will appreciate a wider, more diverse range of options on your store. And you’ll find that you’re able to offer a higher quality repertoire of products in your store if you use 4 or 5 companies.


My top 5 recommended companies are these (in no certain order because, like I said, their is no best company. It depends on what product you’re looking for).


– Printify

– Teelaunch

– Printful

– Printy6




These companies are all companies that my wife and I have used in our brand, and we can confirm that they are high quality options as long as you are using the right company for the right products.



Conclusive Tips!


So is Teelaunch a good resource? Absolutely! Teelaunch, Printful, and Printify should be the first 3 companies you use for your business launch. We’ve sold tons of Teelaunch products to happy customers, and you can too, while also turning a good profit.


Just remember to be doing these things, for success:


– Make sample orders to test out your products before launching (I learned this the hard way)


BUILD UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. I can’t stress enough how important it will be for you to take lots of good pictures of your products, and build your Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Your business depends on this.


– Be consistent, and develop your brand.


Overall, I rate Teelaunch as an excellent resource, especially in the areas of mugs and phone cases. Install the app for free on your Shopify store right through the Shopify app store, and if you don’t have a Shopify store yet, their’s absolutely no equal to it. It’s cheap, and you can start up a 14 day free trial on the drop of a dime!





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