How To Get More Followers On Pinterest Fast

August 29, 2018 Jordan Meola 2 Comments

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Pinterest marketing can be confusing. Even a little intimidating. When I first started trying to promote my affiliate marketing blog on Pinterest I was completely overwhelmed, almost to the point of giving up.


If you’re feeling the same thing, push through until you succeed! Do NOT give up on Pinterest, or let yourself become convinced there’s no way to win on it. Sticking with Pinterest ended up being one of the best decisions I made for my blog, and I’ll explain why here.


This is How To Get More Followers On Pinterest Fast.


Doctor Up Your Pinterest Profile, Boards, and Pins.


how to get more followers on pinterest fast



Just like your website, which acts as a kind of storefront for your business, your Pinterest needs to be in good shape before you can expect people to take an interest in it.


Yes, there’s a right and a wrong way to do Pinterest. Here are 5 clear practices that you should be applying to your visual aesthetic to gain more followers.



1. Make Tall Pins


Here are a few pictures of my own pins that have performed really well on Pinterest. The vast majority of my most popular pins are vertical in design and shape. This is better suited to Pinterest. It stays in the line of sight longer as you scroll through, and gives your words or pictures more time to capture the attention.



how to get more pinterest followers fast


how to get more followers on pinterest fast


To design pins I always recommend a free app called Canva. It has options that allow you to fit your designs to the Pinterest mold and you can easily add awesome text and photos. It’s completely customizable.



2. Warm Colors, And Lots Of Them


Warm Colors sell. It’s that simple. If your pictures are bursting with eye catching colors, especially of warmer oranges and reds, this is proven to produce more clicks and conversions.


This doesn’t mean you NEED to use pastels or garish bright colors if that’s not the aesthetic of your brand, but the clearer and more colorful your picture is the better it will perform.


There are many places online where you can find incredible, free stock photos, but my favorite by far is The more original your pins are the better, so if you have any photography skills you have another huge advantage. Taking your own pictures and then doctoring them up with apps like Snapseed or Photo Director can make your Pinterest look amazing.


Here’s an example of mine that performed well, using bold colors and font…



how to get more pinterest followers fast



3. Use Bold Font



Because it stands out! If the text you’re using is even a little hard to read you’re making a huge problem for yourself. White colored font should always be on darker colors, black font should be on lighter, and you should try to use bolder, thicker font as often as you can without completely obscuring your picture.


If you’re a blogger the text will matter more. If you’re running a physical products business like on Shopify or Etsy your main focus will be your images by far, but unlike Instagram words may still be very important in your actual images on Pinterest. See below are some examples of how I use text in my pins for my physical products business selling apparel. Note that I didn’t make these pins cluttered, but used a lot of color, and brief, bold words to catch the attention.



how to get more pinterest followers fast


how to get more pinterest followers fast

Group Boards


Hopefully this has already got the ball rolling for you, but you may already be practicing all of these methods consistently and still not seeing much traffic coming through Pinterest. Pinterest can be challenging, as there’s a lot of competition cluttering up the wall of pins that each of your potential readers or customers is seeing.


The quality of your pins is always going to matter, but one way that you can give your Pinterest account a huge boost for growth is through Pinterest boards.


Similar to Facebook groups Pinterest boards can allow you to get your posts or pins in front of thousands and thousands of eyes in very relevant niches. Simply do a Google search of some of the best Pinterest groups related to your niche (or search them on Facebook), and you will find many. Then make some friends!!



how to get more pinterest followers fast



This is basically how it works:


– Read the instructions at the top of the group board explaining how to join


– It will usually require you to email the board moderator, explain who you are, include links to your website and Pinterest profile, and ask to be invited to pin to it



– Once you’ve joined, you can start to save your pins directly to this board (i.e. traffic heaven). Typically, there are some anti-spam measures in place, which is actually a good thing, and they will often ask that you do things like save or repin 1 peer’s pin for every 1 of your own that you post.



Using Pinterest group boards this way will increasingly get your name out there, and insure the highest possible number of impressions without even having to pay for advertising.




Retain Visitors


how to get more pinterest followers fast


That’s the whole point in a nutshell. If you have a WordPress site, and you want hundreds of followers on that site, for goodness sake (or rather for your blog’s sake) get MiloTree.


MiloTree isn’t a plugin exclusively for growing Pinterest followers. It’s also for email subscribers, Facebook, and Instagram followers, but growing Pinterest may be the easiest way to use it.


MiloTree only costs $9 per month, which depending on your business budget may sound like a lot or a little, but as a professional marketer I’ll tell you frankly – that’s an insanely cheap way of getting repeat customers.


You can use the plugin to create small pop ups and banners that invite your blog visitors and readers to follow you. You can use it to invite them to give you their email, follow you on Instagram, etc., but it’s by far the most effective with growing a Pinterest following fast, and here’s why…


Email lists are overrated. Yup, it’s a cardinal sin to even think those words in affiliate marketing, right? Well people are tired of getting spam in their inboxes, and because an email is something that has to be maintained, and viewed, and emptied so frequently, it’s a pretty commitment to give someone your email.


Pinterest, on the other hand, is a small commitment. They’re going to see your pins, and lots of them, but those pins won’t be clogging up their memory, forcing them to manage or delete files, or anything of the sort. Yet it gets your helpful content, in all of its tall, colorful, clearly written glory right in front of their eyes.


They say it costs 8 times as much to get new readers and customers as it does to simply retain the ones you’ve already had. A simple investment like MiloTree eventually turns even small amounts of organic traffic into a following, the more of a following you have the less of a need for advertising you will have, and on and on it goes.


So once you’ve followed through with the things you need to be doing for your Pinterest, the greatest expansion and growth lie in things like MiloTree, and the absolutely essential building of a follower list.




Be Unique


It’s easier said than done, but the rewards are great. The more you build a following around your personal style and brand, the closer you are to passive, residual flows of income, and more control over your own time.


Eventually you will reach a mode where a pin a day keeps the 8 hour job away. And that’s a good goal. Take the strategies that work, put your own spin on them, hunt down some hidden gem pictures to share with the world, and then stick with it.


Pretty pins, group boards, traffic, MiloTree, turn your visitors into followers. Repeat.






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  1. Pinterest!
    Honestly, I’m really impressed with your article.
    I’m always finding it difficult with Pinterest and it’s seems frustrating always to work with them.
    Though steps I normally use on article writing are been gotten from Pinterest but still yet, I found it difficult to promote my blog on Pinterest.
    thanks for this dear!

    1. Hello, thanks so much for commenting!

      Yes, I’m hoping this encourages you to keep using Pinterest for your marketing! I got so discouraged at first, but I kept at it and one day I looked and I had started to get traffic from Pinterest without even having first page rankings. 

      And it really beats paying for ads  

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