How to Outsource Your Nitty Gritty Business Processes

December 31, 2018 Jordan Meola 15 Comments

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Ah, the nitty gritty. Those all-important little details for running your business that stack up, until it feels like you’re spending your whole life on the small things. Whether you’re detail oriented, or a big picture visionary, if you want to know how to scale your online business, you need to know how to outsource your nitty gritty business processes.


For the sake of your sanity!


how to outsource your business processes


When you’re running a successful online business, or just starting to get one off the ground, there’s a lot to keep track of, right? No matter what kind of business you have, from affiliate marketing to Shopify selling, you can’t avoid that. You have to make original pins to put on Pinterest (at least 3 times a day), then there’s Instagram posting (once per day), writing blog posts, answering emails, contacting product suppliers, troubleshooting website issues, writing product descriptions, approving and replying to comments, creating Facebook ads, keeping track of tax details – *takes long, deep breath – doing research, editing, doing photography for your Instagram or product pictures…


The list goes on and on.


So when your brand starts to grow, how do you keep up?


These are the 2 most important strategies, or investments, that you can




For the love of all that is good and holy, automate some of your processes. The beauty of having an internet business is that there are simple website plugins and apps that will do half the work for you. Utilize this!


Traditional brick and mortar business often have to literally hire part-time employees just to keep up with many of these things. Internet businesses can use simple apps for these processes. Here are some of the best.




MiloTree is a perfect plugin for any kind of internet business that has a website (which is… I suspect… all of them). MiloTree creates a bridge between your site, and your social media, and it invites every single one of your visitors to your social media world.


That’s how you collect followers.


Don’t be like most companies. Statistically, business are investing around 44% more on acquiring new customers, than they are on retaining old customers. This is crazy, because it also costs up to 25% more to get new customers (or readers, if you’re a blogger), than it does to just keep people who have already come to you.


MiloTree is a plugin, that uses a customizable pop up to invite your website visitors to follow you on Pinterest, Instagram, or email. You can even include images from your social media to entice them. By creating a following like this, you build up a pool of free advertising. If you have a big following, every time you post it’s seen by people who like your brand already, and may become repeat buyers.


At only $9 per month, it’s one of the cheapest, simplest and most effective investments you can make for your business.


Join the MiloTree marketing movement here! 



– Social Media Managers/Schedulers


how to outsource your business processes


These are scheduling apps. Instead of having to manually post to your different social media accounts every single day, you can use these applications to set a schedule, and it will automatically post to social media for you. Some of them are also sale savvy enough to post at optimum times, without you having to worry about it.


These social media managers consolidate all of your accounts onto one dashboard, so you can check them all out at once. It also has a Follow Cop feature that keeps you informed when you’re unfollowed on Instagram or Pinterest, or have leaches that just take your likes and follows without engaging in return.


Here are 6 of the best:


– TailWind








– Zoho


– HubSpot


It can be exhausting trying to keep up with consistent social media posting (speaking from experience here). But by outsourcing to things like TailWind, you can keep your social media consistently relevant, without babysitting it every single day of your life.


Trust me, it’s a relief during holidays or traveling, when you barely have time to post.


– Quick Books and Stride Tax for bookkeeping


how to outsource your business processes


One of the most frustrating little time burners as a self-employed business owner is book keeping. It takes time, it’s a lot to keep track of, and if you’re anything like me all the numbers make you go cross eyed.


Sure, we all hate paying taxes, but keeping track of them is just a part of doing business. And because you’ll want every deduction you can possibly get, it’s good news that we have apps to take of those things.


So you’re an internet entrepreneur – you can write off your internet bill, computer costs, part of your phone bill, and even a chunk of your mortgage (I mean, your house is your office after all). But how can you keep track of all of that?


Quick Books and Stride Tax are both apps that let you consolidate all of your tax info, and even automate a lot of the work for you.


Stride Tax, for example, is a tax that you can open whenever your driving for business related things. It will track your miles for you, automatically calculate the deduction you qualify for, and even provide you with a PDF at the end of the year with your recorded deductions/exact mileage/etc.


Quick Books can be accessed on your phone, or even as a direct appinstallation on Shopify (for you store owners). It will keep track of your bill due dates, your expenses, your gains, and even lets you scan receipts to store in the cloud as evidence of deductible costs.


Don’t forget to use the free Stride Tax app, and Quick Books as your business scales. It will help you from you getting swamped.



2. Outsourcing to Expert Freelancers On Fiverr and Upwork



I do freelancing. One of the best ways to make extra cash if you’re an expert in something is to pick up gigs providing your expertise to someone else. I’ve created logos, and been paid to do various other marketing things for clients.


Believe it or not, freelancing communities like Fiverr and Upwork can also be great, affordable places to get business processes done FOR you.


Fiverr, especially, has hundreds of freelance creators, designers, marketers, and more who are offering hundreds of services to business owners. You can often get blog posts written by Fiverr writers for $10, or even less. Fiverr freelancers are typically communicative, professional, and open to adopting the tone and style that you want for your content. This makes Fiverr a priceless resource for a scaling business.


The more and more you grow, set aside a budget for this resource, and then start to delegate different projects to Fiverr pros. The last thing you want to do when you start to get momentum, is to be overwhelmed by the flood of work, and fall apart before you even really take off. This happens to a crazy number of business owners!


Take a look through Fiverr here, and see some of the projects you can get done, fast and affordably.



Don’t Lose Your Pace, Or Your Head


Here are 2 super important things for a growing business: 1. keeping momentum, and 2. the business owner’s (your) sanity. If you lose those things, there’s not much point to the whole effort.


By outsourcing your business processes, you enable yourself to keep pace with your growth. And by using freelancers and plugins like the ones above, you can do this without hiring employees, keeping your costs down.


Something to think about. I’m routing for you guys!




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  1. This is a great article to remind us that we need to take a breath.  I love your list as we all need help at one point or another.  Personally I have used Fiverr a few times and was happy with the results.

    One other way to help take a breather is something most people dont think of.  That is to find a partner.  two people can get twice as much work done.  It does take some effort to make sure you find someone you can trust and so forth but this has worked great for me in the past.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a great article.


    1. I’m glad you’ve had some good success with Fiverr! 

      Finding a partner is also a good idea! My partner in business is my wife. We work on everything together. That’s the most ideal situation, as long as you’re like-minded, because the money all stays in the same pool instead of having to split it. 

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this valuable information.As affiliate marketer I found this article very helpful because we all need to learn day by day to achieve success we need.

    I like the idea of divine the tasks by using automated programs which are there to simplify tasks.

    I will follow your advice.

  3. I must say that this article is very helping for me as I need to outsource content for my website but it is a little hard to find a reliable person for that job. For now, my favorite place for outsourcing is a Fiverr but I must go for expensive writers as they are more experienced.

  4. Great time-saving suggestions!  Fiverr really is an affordable resource, even for new entrepreneurs who have yet to make a profit and funds are very tight.

    I’m currently looking for an easy bookkeeping software for my online ventures.  I’ve been meaning to look up Quick Books.  Is it really easy to use?  Can a non-accountant like me easily pick it up?

    I hear you regarding keeping the momentum going.  Once the blush of the new wore off, it is hard to keep plugging away at it.

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, Quick Books is very easy to use. No accounting skills necessary. Automating stuff is also super helpful, because it saves you a lot of time. 

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article friend, in fact, although I knew about Fiverr already and have been using their services, I never thought about the other good stuff you talked about such as MiloTree which helps to connect you with your visitors on social media platforms. I think it looks pretty awesome. One of the plugins I will install on my website now.

    I also like the Social Media Managers are the work they do. Being able to schedule your post so it will be done by such Apps automatically like very good. Especially as you mentioned, when you’re are away and you can do it manually.

    Thanks so much for sharing these useful resources with us. I will check them out.


    1. Hey Stephen! Glad you found it helpful.

      Yes, MiloTree is amazing! It can really help you grow your following on all of your social media, or email. Once you have a following, it’s like having a massive resource of free advertising. Pinterest is a bloggers dream, and if you sell physical products online than Instagram is where it’s at. 

  6. It looks I really have so much to  learn and you have just proven me wright i didn’t know about all those plug in you just mentioned but the  most interesting for me is Fiverr do they really charge $10   for a good review  that looks like a very worthy investiments to make

    1. Hello sir! I’m glad you found it helpful!

      Yes, you can find freelancers on Fiverr who will write you a good review or other blog post for about $10. The prices usually depend on how long you want the post to be. 

  7. These are great ideas for people with small businesses to keep their sanity and keep track of the important things. I’m excited to do more research on the apps.

    I like the app to help keep track of your taxes, it will be extremely useful.

    I noticed a few punctuations that needed to be corrected, but other than that, it’s a great article.

    1. Hey Maria, I’m glad you found it helpful! Yes, I use Stride Tax all the time to keep track of my deductions and taxes. It can be really stressful if I don’t stay organized. 

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