How To Write A Killer About Us Page For A Business

how to write an about us page for a business
April 11, 2019 Jordan Meola 0 Comments

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What’s the biggest source of writer’s block for a new business? Some startups get stuck just trying to pick a name, but I think the most common first road block is the About Us page. It’s weird, right? You would think writing about yourself would be the easiest thing in the world – nobody knows you better than you! But somehow writing an effective About Us page is just tough.


Here’s the thing: your About Us or About Me page matters. A lot. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter, or that no one ever reads it. Your About page is where you need to capture your mission statement. It’s where you tell every visitor to your website what you’re here for. It’s at the heart of your brand image.


You need to know how to write a killer About Us page! Here are 5 crucial tips for writing an effective About Us page.



1. Make It Personal


If you were to take a wild guess, do you think a visitor to your website would rather hear from a bot, or a person. People like businesses that feel human! Remember, every single one of your potential customers is a person, not just a consumer. So don’t talk to them like a bot!


One of the most popular ideas in marketing now is storytelling. There’s a reason for this! This will catch people’s attention. Talk about the journey that led you to start your business, don’t be afraid to tell a few (short) embarrassing stories, be honest, be real.


This is because the less corporate a business feels, the more people it will attract. Buyers, especially of the Millennial variety (I would know, I’m 24), adore brands that they can connect to in some kind of personal way. Even corporations can pull this off if they’re smart about it. Just look at Wendy’s Twitter account. The sassy personality of their Twitter convinced me to give Wendy’s another try just out of respect, and that’s coming from a fast food hater.


2. Tell Them Why


All the best businesses and products come with some kind of solution. You may have a product or service that solves a problem, or even just something that will fill the need for a bit of joy (shameless plug: that’s why my wife sells coffee mugs with adorable dinosaurs on them in her webstore)…


Your About Us page is your opportunity to tell your audience WHY you started the business. What did you find lacking in the world that you were inspired to fulfill? Where did the passion come from the drove you to create something new.


If you can explain why your business exists, your customers will have no trouble seeing the value in what you’re offering.



3. Use Compelling Imagery (I.E. Lots and Lots of Pictures)


If you want your business or blog to succeed, you need to know your audience. If you know your audience, you should know what kind of imagery they love. Give them that. Is there a certain style or atmosphere that would appeal to your buyers?


Your About Us page should be a powerful representation of your brand image. If you have a logo, your logo should be incorporated into it. And unless you have some pathological fear of your picture being online, include an image of yourself. Remember what I said about keeping your About Us page sounding human? Give your brand a face, and people will relate to it. This is the same reason it’s often recommended to use your personal profile on your brand’s Pinterest, even if you have a logo.


… if you DO have a pathological fear of your face being online, you can always create a mask out of cotton balls or something, and turn the Cloud Face into part of your brand image.


If you happen to be good at videography, or you find a good videographer on Fiverr, it will also give your page a huge boost. We live in a video age, after all.


4. Keep It Concise


All the things I’ve recommended might sound like they would take up a lot of space, but you will want to make your About Us page as concise as possible. Break your About Us page into brief, clear paragraphs, to make it as easy to read and digest as possible.


The reality is, the average human attention span in 2019 (at least in western societies) is barely clocking in around 8 seconds in length. This is less than the attention span of a goldfish. That means the more trim and to-the-point you can keep your content, the better it will click with your visitors.



5. Use It To Sell Your Product


Whatever it is you do, from blogging to selling physical products, your About Us page can be a launching point to a sale. The About Us page is where you introduce the value of your product, and give an introduction to your brand, so it’s a natural place to redirect to your sales pages.


It’s NOT the place to direct sell, or to stuff the page with links. It’s not the place to put Check Out/Add To Cart buttons. But to invite the website visitors reading your About Us page to the rest of your site is a good idea.


This is how to write an About Us page for a business. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different things, and then edit the things you don’t like. When you’re happy with how it represents your brand, put it somewhere prominent on your homepage. Your About Us page should be an obvious presence on your menu bar.


There isn’t really ANY part of your business that should be lazy, or an opportunity to cut corners, but you should REALLY make sure that your About Us page is top notch! Every opportunity to introduce your brand is a golden opportunity.



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