The Field Agent App Review: Can You Really Make Money With Field Agent?

the field agent app review
April 26, 2018 Jordan Meola 0 Comments

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Are you wondering if the Field Agent app is worth your time? Can you really make money with Field Agent?


If you’re not familiar with Field Agent, it’s an app that finds you small tasks to accomplish at local stores for some money. Businesses like Walmart, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, The Home Depot, and many others, are always looking to see through the customer’s perspective so that they can improve their customer service. That’s where you come in!


the field agent app review
I found Field Agent by accident, as I was scrolling through the Google Play store for apps I could use to make some money. The concept of the app appealed to me, especially because it seemed like an easy way to make a few bucks whenever I shop. So I tried it out!



Here’s my Field Agent app review, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Is It Easy To Use?


While I can’t say I love the design of the Field Agent app, it’s navigation is fairly simple. You need to allow the app to find your location, so it can find the stores near you that are offering tasks.


The task list will look something like this…



the field agent app review

Field Agent conveniently displays the exact location of the task, how far away it is, and how much it pays. You’ll notice the tasks are sometimes as much as half an hour away, so you’ll need to make sure to just pick up tasks when you already happen to be in the area, and even in the store.


Click on each one to read the details of what they want you to do. A lot of the time it will be to snap a few pictures of products, ask an employee a few questions, or take a small survey about your shopping experience. Sometimes it will involve buying a particular product (don’t worry, they fully reimburse you in addition to what they pay). But the tasks are almost always super quick and easy.


Just make sure you read the instructions carefully! I missed out on some pay because I didn’t follow some tasks as closely as I should have.

Can You Really Make Money With Field Agent?


Yes! I was surprised to find that Field Agent pays pretty well, for what it is.


But you’re going to need to keep something in mind: Field Agent was never meant to be a source of income.


When I first noticed Field Agent in the Play store I saw that it had a fair number of negative reviews. With a 3 1/2 star rating I was hesitant to even try it at first. I quickly noticed that the people who were disgruntled about the app complained that it wasn’t like… an actual job. No, the app is not going to pay you a full time income to go to stores and snap pictures.


If you expect it to be, you’re going to be pretty frustrated…



But with a realistic expectation of the app, I found that it can be a good source of quick and easy money. And it’s even pretty fun! You can see in the screen shot below that after completing only 2 tasks I’ve made over $12.



the field agent app review



I would consider $5 or $6 a good payout for such a tiny amount of time and effort. And you can get free things on top of it! Field Agent reimbursed me once for a $6 bottle of car wash, a $15 12-pack of hard seltzers, hot fudge, and lots of other stuff! They might buy you coffee, or deodorant, or other random items.


It’s realistic to say you could make about $10-$20 a week, with consistent use of Field Agent.


For the frugal among us the few extra hundred bucks per year is pretty worth it!


The Negative Factors


There are 3 big downsides to Field Agent you should know about.


  • The tasks are first-come, first-serve. So if someone else claims the job before you, you lose your chance.
  • If the tasks aren’t at stores you ever use, you’ll have to go out of your way (though there usually good options)
  • You have to be sneaky snapping those pictures. It can look pretty conspicuous doing photo shoots in retail stores.


If you live in a populated area, where there are other Field Agent users, you may run the chance of someone else snagging a job before you can. You have to claim a job, and you usually need to complete it within a couple hours to a day, so you can just claim them all and hold them.


It will also test your skills as a covert operative/secret agent to snap pictures without anyone noticing. Like James Bond, but definitely leave the gun home. You won’t likely get in trouble for taking photos, but it can feel awkwardly conspicuous to snap pictures in the middle of a store.



the field agent app

The Conclusion


Field Agent has turned out to be one of the best money making apps I’ve found. Rather than simply saving you money on your expenses, or just getting cash back after buying things, Field Agent puts a little extra cash into your pocket.


Will it provide a sustainable flow of income for you? Is this your new favorite side-gig? Probably not. That’s not how this works.


But it can be really helpful if –


– you’re living on a pretty tight budget

– you’ve just had some new expenses come up that you need to offset

– you’re in the process of starting a business and need extra cash

– you want to start a little fund to save up for things

– you do regular, weekly shopping

– you could use a little extra cash. Period.


You can join Field Agent through the Google Play store or the iTunes app store!


And stay tuned – I’ve recently found an app like Field Agent, called Rewardable. It may be even better! We’ll have to see after some testing.




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