What Is The Givling App? – The Free Trivia Game Crowdfunding Student Loans!

what is the givling app
May 11, 2018 Jordan Meola 6 Comments

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Have you been hearing at all about Givling? It’s a relatively new app, and it may be one of the coolest ideas for a trivia game app I’ve ever come across. Hands down.


There are a ridiculous number of trivia apps out there. Some of them are really fun. Some of them are obnoxious. Some of them offer some cash prizes. Others offer points and gift cards. My family has enjoyed trivia games for years.


Givling is a whole different kind of animal. It’s a trivia game that’s trying to solve a problem. It’s attempting to tackle one of the hugest obstacles for the millennial generation – student loan debt.


what is the givling app

So How Does It Work?


Every day you get 2 free rounds of Givling. They’ll put you on a team with 2 other people, and you have to try to answer a bunch of trivia questions. If your team wins you can each win thousands of dollars (yesterday’s team won over $5,000 each). If your team is really good, you may not even need to know many answers to win! But don’t expect the questions to be easy.


Here’s the coolest part though – every person that is signed up to play Givling is entered onto a list to have their student loans or mortgage paid off! Givling will pay $50,000 towards your student loans, or $25,000 towards your mortgage!


They do this by crowdfunding. Every single person that plays the game, even if you only play the 2 free games every day, can participate in the crowdfunding just by watching the advertisements at the end. The money that the advertisers pay to Givling goes towards someone’s student loans. You can help crowdfund student loans without paying a penny!


There are many other ways to speed up funding too. After your 2 free games every day, you can buy as many extra games as you want for $0.50 per game. You can also do things like buying Givling themed shirts/hoodies/accessories, or downloading some of the apps they advertise.


You can try it for Android HERE, and for Apple HERE! With sign up code JM10956



So Will YOU Get Your Student Loan Paid Off?


So here’s the thing – everyone’s rank on the list to have their mortgage or loan paid is based on how many points they’ve accumulated. Which usually relates to how many games they’ve played, or ads they’ve watched (assuming you sleep you can usually watch about 50 videos per day, and you get points every time)


It looks like this – a wheel you can spin for points every time you watch a video:


what is the givling app
Obviously, the people who have been playing longer will have a lot more points, so theirs will be the first debt to get paid off. If you’re just joining it now, that may seem like bad news. But here’s the thing: the more people that are playing Givling, even for free, the FASTER each loan gets paid off. Givling is trying to reach a goal of paying off at least a loan per day.


So your chance of getting your student loan paid off right away is not very good, although you’ll be helping the group effort to crowdfund paying tons of debt for others! But with enough patience, and consistently playing, you can work your way up the list until you have $50,000 of debt wiped away for you!


Ultimately, you’ve got to just enjoy a fun trivia game, and remember that you’re helping rescue others from debilitating debt.


The Debt Problem, and Why Givling Exists


If you’ve done even a small amount of reading my advice here on Young Retiree, you know how strongly I’ll encourage you to avoid debt. It’s like a millstone tied around your neck that can keep your money moving backwards into the negative digits for years.


solutions to the student debt problem


I confess, even though I’ve avoided things like credit card debt my whole life, I have $25,000 in student loans myself. My wife has another $16,000 or so. And that’s NOTHING compared to the kind of debt that a lot of young people have weighing them down as they leave college. There are some who are graduating with over $100,000 in debt.


That’s what the landscape looks like for the generation that’s graduating college now….


The fear of high interest rates tacking thousands of extra dollars onto our expense forces most of us to direct ALL of our extra savings towards just paying off that debt. I know for me, every bonus or big sale that I get which pays well has this moment of excitement, this rush of exuberance – but instead of going towards a house or something else my wife and I might save for, that money is instantly locked into the student debt pile.


That’s discouraging for a lot of people. For many, it’s even financially crippling.


Now the truth is, we ARE living in a time when entrepreneurship creates a path where we can build high income livings WITHOUT a college education, or even a job. Opportunities like Wealthy Affiliate, or dropshipping businesses, are attainable even for someone without experience. Student debt is not totally unavoidable.


But if you don’t have a passion for business ownership, and you’re looking for a more standard job, almost EVERYWHERE is requiring at least a Bachelor’s degree. Hence, the student debt problem comes hand in hand with people’s need to survive, and make a living.


Givling Is A Step In The Right Direction


There’s no easy solution. And Givling is not the absolute answer to the student debt problem. It IS an awesome step in the right direction though.


If you haven’t joined Givling yet and got your name on their queue, you can download it and play for free right. Just use the sign up code: JM10956!


==> HERE!!! <== for Android

==> HERE!!! <== for iTunes


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  1. I have not heard of Givling, although I am waayy past the age of having to worry about student loans I find the concept interesting. I know of several . who have been prevented from getting homes, good rate loans because of unpaid student loans. I am sure they would be glad to know there are options to help while having funs. Good job!

    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting!

      Givling is a really unique thing – a game with an important purpose. It’ll be a long time before they can pay off enormous numbers of loans, but that’s what we hope for. 

      Student loan debt can be a huge burden that slows down savings. Having to make up $40,000 or more, and racing against time and the growing interest, really steals the opportunity to save for a long time.

      I’m glad you’re out of the woods when it comes to debt! If you like trivia games Givling is still a lot of fun 🙂

  2. I have not heard of Givling, although I am waayy past the age of having to worry about student loans I find the concept interesting. I know of several . who have been prevented from getting homes, good rate loans because of unpaid student loans. I am sure many would be glad to know there’s an option while also having fun! Good job!,

  3. What a novel approach to paying off student loan debt that encourages people to participate toward the common goal of paying off debt for everyone. The concept is great plus the idea of starting an online business to generate income. Wealth Affiliate training is ideal for it. Thanks for sharing information about the app. I will definitely refer my friends to your article who I know have student debt. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for commenting and spreading the word Kel!

      Givling is really exciting! There are so many thousands of people feeling hopeless under the weight of student debt. Crowdfunding through an app is a pretty creative attempt at resisting it.

      And I completely agree about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an awesome training program. 

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