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November 8, 2018 Jordan Meola 2 Comments

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Sometimes you just need some extra cash fast. I get that, 100%. When I graduated college, on the verge of getting married and barely employed, every single penny that I could bring into my bank account was pure gold to me. I’ve never lived on the edge, or paycheck to paycheck, but with $26,000 in student debt, extra cash was always more than welcome.


Eventually I picked up some business tips that lead me to starting my own brands online. And set up streams of income that let me kick my 8-5 grind to the curb like a dejected, flea bag couch left by previous and long gone renters.


But when you’re looking for fast cash,there are some places online where you can rack up some mostly passive side money in a matter of minutes.


Young Retiree is not a big fan of survey sites. You’ll never retire in your late 20’s and travel the world off of survey sites. But some of them, like PaidViewpoint, are worth some consideration. So how is PaidViewpoint?



PaidViewpoint Review


As a sworn survey site skeptic (S.S.S.S. for short?)  it took a lot of coaxing for me to give PaidViewpoint a shot. But after reading a bunch of reviews singing it’s praises I decided to give it a shot.


To summarize, I think PaidViewpoint is one of the best survey sites in available (even if it’s not saying much), and 1 of only 5 that I will ever recommend for making fast and easy money.


Here’s my experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The GOOD of PaidViewpoint:


1. The #1 thing that I absolutely loved about PaidViewpoint is that they very intentionally made their surveys extremely short, and extremely easy. This is a micro earning site, not a business venture, so it should take absurdly little time and no effort to complete. I took surveys that were only 1 question long. They said click yes if you agree, or no if you don’t. 1 click. Money. Now why can’t the other survey sites do that!


2. They pay in actual cash, not points systems and gift cards. You know what you can’t do with an Applebees gift card? Pay off student loans. They don’t take burgers as trade-ins anymore. Try paying your internet bill with a gift card, hopefully your company has a better sense of humor than mine.


3. They have a crazy good referral program. Anyone whose ever done affiliate marketing knows that the real money in survey sites is through referring them to other people. Why do you think I’m writing this review? Sure it’s a decent way for my readers to make extra cash, I only recommend things that are, but it’s still a shameless plug. PV will pay $25 for every active person that signs up and uses it after clicking on your referral link. 4 friends sign up = $100. It’s the best of almost any other survey site.


how is paidviewpoint


If the Lord moves you and you want to try PaidViewpoint (which is always and forever free), please support a friend and click my referral link! ==>SHAMELESS PLUG A.K.A. PAIDVIEWPOINT SIGN UP



The Bad:


1. This site is clunky and annoying to navigate. A lesson in clarity would help them a lot. As would a website that doesn’t look like it was designed by ancient Mesopotamians who ran out of papyrus leaves to write on.


2. The surveys may be extremely short, but they also don’t pay much. Ranging from $0.10 to $0.75 in my experience. It’s micro earning after all. But fitting them in between emails, business stuff, and episodes of Netlfix/Marvels 3rd season of Daredevil let me round up about $9 in a week. $36 per month, $432 in a year. Every little bit helps. I only do about 3 surveys per day.


how is paidviewpoint


3. You have to wait for surveys to become available. They’ll email you, or you can periodically check the site, but you won`t have unlimited earning potential or constant survey options.



The Ugly:


Just look at the site guys.



Final consensus:



Ultimately, I would give PaidViewpoint a 9 out of 10 among survey sites. A 7 out of 10 among money earning sites in general (i.e. Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, Product Report Card).


Please remember, this is micro earning. These are tiny pay offs, that cost you tiny amounts of time to put some extra fast cash in your pocket. They can definitely add up, as I make over $2,500 in extra cash  Every year just from passive money earners like this, and spend almost no time getting it.


Give PaidViewpoint a shot! Don’t let that outrageous website fool you.



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