Swagbucks vs. Inbox Dollars – Which Money Making Website Is Better?

May 26, 2018 Jordan Meola 6 Comments

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Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. If you’re one of the millions of people who have caught on that these websites can make you some extra pocket cash, you’ve probably at least thought about trying these two.


They’re practically twins. The two services both offer a ridiculously huge number of different ways that you can make some extra money. And a lot of these ways are VERY similar.


But are they worth it? And when you put them in the ring to duke it out, Swagbucks vs. Inbox Dollars, whose the winner?



swagbucks vs inbox dollars

Strong Points Comparison


The Inbox Dollars Strengths


  • everything accumulates actual cash, not just points, so you know exactly what you’re making
  • The support is fast and responsive
  • high number of free offers to make money (Inbox Dollars will pay you for signing up to dozens of survey sites and free apps)
  • pays a little more for referring people


The Swagbucks Strengths

  • design is easy to use
  • offers pay more!
  • it’s easier to leave the videos playing without actually watching them


Which Is Better?


swagbucks vs inboxdollars


I’ll be honest. When I first tried out Inbox Dollars it drove me crazy. But when I finally gave it a chance it wasn’t long before I piled up some extra cash:



swagbucks vs inbox dollars



In fact, I figured out some strategies to almost passively make about $30 from Inbox Dollars every month. Check out my tips right here!


The truth is, even though Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks may seem exactly the same, the best way to really make an extra $60 or more every month is by using BOTH of them the right way! 


So which is better? It really depends on which category. Use the right balance, because the goal is to make the MOST money, with the LEAST time and effort.



How To Use Swagbucks + How To Use Inbox Dollars


Rule #1: Never, NEVER, EVER do the surveys on EITHER of these websites. If you want to take surveys as a way to make some extra money, do it somewhere like Product Report Card. It’s extremely difficult to qualify for surveys on BOTH Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks, and if you don’t qualify they won’t compensate you for your time. Your time is valuable, don’t risk wasting it.


Rule #2: Videos are your friends. Every day before I leave for work, I open Swagbucks on my tablet, hit the play button on the videos, and leave. When I get home I’ve passively made from $0.50 to $1. Inbox Dollars may pay slightly more for video watching. It sounds like pocket change, but it can add up quick, especially if you’re using BOTH. 


Rule #3: Complete the major offers on Swagbucks, NOT Inbox Dollars. They pay more. For example, if you sign up as a driver for Lyft on Inbox Dollars, they’ll pay you $100. Swagbucks will pay you $200! Similarly, if you try a month of Hulu through Inbox Dollars they’ll pay you $8. Swagbucks will pay you $18! Major offers pay more through Swagbucks. 


Rule #4: If you’re looking for FREE and EASY offers that will pay you some quick cash, Inbox Dollars has way more options. If you like doing short surveys or downloading some money making apps, for example, you can usually get at least $1 for every one that you sign up for or try out.


Rule #5: You can get paid to refer people! Inbox Dollars pays slightly more, with $5 for every sign up. Swagbucks pays $3. But they also both pay you a 10% bonus on everything your sign ups earn! So if you get 10 friends to sign up, and they each make $30 per month, you can make an extra $30 every month doing absolutely nothing...


Rule #6: There are a TON of other simple ways to make a little money with Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. You can get paid to search the internet on their search engines, get paid to open emails from them, and Swagbucks even has a Swag IQ trivia game nightly that gives you a chance to win some cash.


Don’t Fight! Unite!


swagbucks vs inbox dollars


I really don’t know if these kangaroos are fighting, or dancing… but I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, and Stevie Wonder tunes are bopping, so it’s hard not to see this as a funky, fun dance.


Point is, Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars both have their strong points. The best thing you can do is use them both, and make some more money!


You can get an easy extra $5 for trying out Inbox Dollars RIGHT HERE!


And another easy $5 for trying Swagbucks RIGHT HERE!


Just remember… don’t bother with those surveys.




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  1. Great review on both swagbucks and inbox dollars. I’ve come across swagbucks before but never really got into because I did not think it would be worth the while.

    It is good for people who want to make a small amounts of quick cash.

    What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing and would it be a good starting point for a new person stepping into the online world?


    1. Hello Cem, thanks for reading!

      Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks are definitely just useful for adding a little extra money to your bank account, not for making a lot of money. But quick and easy cash is very useful when you’re just starting out, and with the right strategy you can make money almost passively without having to waste any time.

      Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to start out in business, and probably also the cheapest. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of hard work, but if you have the right education under your belt you should be fine. And the potential for a huge income stream is high.

      Good luck in everything you’re doing! 

  2. Nice website and food ideas. I joined up to both but not sure if I will use them both. The information on them was very interesting and I liked the comparisons, but unfortunately I am on my computer all the time earning more money, so I am not sure if it is a good idea for me personally.
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Sharon, thanks for commenting!

      Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are definitely not necessary for everyone. I found them useful because I work on my laptop so often, I could easily play videos on both sites in the background while I worked, and make some extra cash. It’s small, but it’s enough to cover… my internet bill every month, or a month worth of Facebook advertising for my businesses, or a nice dinner out, or a couple fill ups at the gas station.

      So for people who may be on a tighter budget, or even for a budding business owner trying to manage business expenses, it can be a really easy and passive way of paying some extra bills. Give it a shot if you like, or you might have a friend who would benefit from it instead. 

      Thanks for your feedback!

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