The Best Ways To Make Money With Swagbucks

June 1, 2018 Jordan Meola 0 Comments

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Have you tried Swagbucks yet? Like their competitors over at Inbox dollars, Swagbucks is a website that you can use to easily put an extra $30 in your pocket every month. And if you do it RIGHT you can get that cash flowing into your bank account without having to spend more than a few minutes of your time.


$30 may not sound like much. It won’t likely get you your dream house, your dream car, your ideal vacation, or that delectable , simmering dinner menu very quickly… unless you dream of sizzling ramen noodles in a 1 room apartment, which I certainly won’t judge you for…



But even when you’re talking about pennies and one dollar bills, when you have enough of it passively coming in, it adds up quick. An extra $30 in your pocket every month, that you didn’t have to work for, is an important part of your goal to stay cash flow positive.


Through little penny savers, rewards programs, rebate apps, a couple websites like Swagbucks, a whole combination that I use to save a dollar or two at every turn, I persoanlly save an extra $2,000 every year. I did the math. That’s literally just the pile up of pocket change that I add to my bank from a couple of little habits, and some cool apps.


So… What Are The Best Ways To Make Money With Swagbucks? (Without Trying)


Remember this; when you’re trying to save money, grow wealth, and become more financially free, your time is very, very, very valuable. If something is offering to pay you tiny drips of money for large chunks of your time, you’re wasting your time.


That’s why the best ways to make money with Swagbucks are all of the things you don’t have to even TRY for. The things you don’t need to put much time into. The things that don’t put you out of your way. Sometimes the things you barely have to even bother thinking about.



1. Watching The Videos


Now hang on a second! Is sitting and watching hours of ads, YouTube shorts, and celebrity gossip worth $0.10 per hour? OF COURSE NOT!! But every time I’m on my laptop, I hit play on the vidoes, mute it, minimize it, and forget it’s there until hours later.


Doing just THIS, leaving the videos running in the background, out of sight and out of mind, I was able to rack up almost $9 in just 2 weeks.



how to make money with swagbucks


Just hit one of those buttons. Winter Olympics. Viral Videos. Top Stories. It doesn’t matter, it’s just easy cash for doing nothing but hitting a play button once.


2. Search and Earn


Believe it or not, you can search through the internet on Swagbucks just like you would on Google. Except Swagbucks will occassionally drop some change into your account just for doing it.


It looks like this:




This is another very small money maker. But it’s the kind you barely have to think about to make money off of. Just search the web.


3. Swagbucks Will Pay You Good Money To Try Stuff!


Don’t be fooled by the looks of these offers. There are offers all over Swagbucks that “require you to purchase something”, sign up for something, or try a free trial.


This is the biggest money maker on Swagbucks! They actually pay really well.


For example, sign up for 1 month of Hulu for $7.99, and Swagbucks will pay you $18. And sign up for Hulu through Swagbucks NOW and they pay $32. That’s what I did. That’s a profit of $24 + a free month of Hulu!





If you’ve thought about being a driver for Lyft or Uber, Swagbucks will pay you over $200 for signing up.




I’ve gotten paid $7 for trying free trials that also gave my wife free clothes, and been given household items completely free after Swagbuck’s offer. For example, with the offer below you can get a bunch of shaving supplies for $5, and Swagbucks will PAY you $20. That’s $15 back in your pocket, AND free shaving supplies, easy as that.






Play Swag IQ


If you enjoy playing trivia games, Swag IQ can be a really fun way to make some money. Every week day at 8 pm, Swagbucks hosts a trivia game where contestants can compete for money. The reward money is typically between $1,000 and $3,000, split between the winning contestants (between 20 and 60 people on average).


The host asks 10 questions, and trust me they’re TOUGH, but even if you don’t win you get some extra SB (cash) for every correct answer. So even if you don’t win you can usually add some change to your account just by playing.


What You Should Never Do On Swagbucks


Those methods above are hands down the best ways to make some fast and easy money on Swagbucks. They barely require you to do anything!


But remember what I said about your time being valuable? Make sure, whatever you do, DON’T DO THE SURVEYS ON SWAGBUCKS!!


Though they may be tempting on the surface…




Filling out an easy 15 minute survey for a buck may not sound like a bad deal to you, especially if you can afford the time. But not only is it VERY difficult to qualify for surveys, but if you DON’T qualify for it, you’ve just spent all that time filling out the survey, and you won’t even be paid for your time! You often have to fill out the majority of the surveys before they decide you’re not what they’re looking for.


In fact, I’m pretty sure you need to be a Smurf to even pass their approval, so get good at faking it my friends…



Unlike more reasonable survey sites like Product Report Card, Swagbucks will leave you wasting more of your time for less cash. And it’s not worth risking valuable time.


Remember: surveys bad.



Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Dollar


When you’re still trying to get established – whether you’ve just graduated college, you’re living on your own for the first time, underployed, trying to start up a business, or even just trying to save money wherever you can – every dollar counts!


I was quick to dismiss things like Swagbucks at first, but as I worked hard to build several businesses from the ground up and change my financial situation, I found that my efforts also required some extra cash.


Like I  said, after I found the right combination of easy and passive things to add into my day I saved an extra $2,000 in spare change. It’s easier than it sounds.


In fact, in the time that I’ve written this post, those vidoes playing in the background have already raised my balance…



If You Haven’t Tried Swagbucks Yet, Give It A Shot Here And Get An Extra $5!




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